Tea Kettle Design
Project done for Calphalon Kitchenware - create a new teakettle for their mid-level consumer line.
While much of the work focused on research, I am sharing what I am able to as the job was done with clauses.
The first place to start was to survey a variety of users and break down the process of making tea.
While analyzing this process, we began to see gaps in design where the user was involved. Many solutions currently on the market were not as safe or as easy to use as they could be. These became major priorities in the design process.
(Below) we see two designs, one that allows a swift upwards escape of steam onto the users hand; another where the user must use mitts on both hands in order to even handle the hot kettle.
A design criteria - focused problems with current designs as well as the demands of our ideal user - were decided upon
A graph of some of the initial users interviewed. Thanks to the first eight people interviewed, we had major design goals to aim for during our second round of interviews, which took place during the first round of modelmaking (usability studies and testing).
A collage of sketches from all states of development, showcasing a few direct concepts while exploring the decided design criteria.
After lots of sketching and review, fine line iterations and volume calculations were worked on; Heading towards final design
Design went back-and-forth between 2D and 3D iterations to get the best, most useful design possible
Overall rendering of one of the later iterations
Posters for final design outlining design criteria and product use
Final product rendering
Colorways available for final presentation
Final model studio photographs
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